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Tech Sessions 

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Tuesday at 3:30

From Data to Decision: Execute Under Partnering for Success  (Room 1B)
Speaker: Paul Van Metre, Co-Founder/VP, Adion Systems
Strategic Decision Making with a 100% Digital Shop

EHS Risk Management: (Room 1C)
Speakers: Heather Bartlett, Principal Engineer, and Nicholas Schnee, Principal, SLR Int’l Corp
Mastering Integrated Systems (Environmental Health & Safety)

Wednesday at 3:45

Next Generation Lean – Supply Chain   (Room 1B)
Speaker: Denny Organ, CEO, Innovation Educator & Innovation Coach, The Dennis Organ Group, Western Washington University

Small Business Cyber Security Room   (Room 1C)
Speaker: David Dittrich, Cyber Security Researcher Center for Data Science at UW Tacoma
A look at the methodology used by many intruders, a cyclic process known as the “kill chain with lessons for defenders that still apply today.

Thursday at 2:00 & 3:00

Small Business Cyber Security Room   (Room 1B) 
Speakers: Adam Roberts, Cyber security Researcher and Michael Mylrea, Manager for Cyber Security and Energy Infrastructure Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Next Generation Lean – Supply Chain   (Room 1C)
Speaker: Denny Organ, CEO, Innovation Educator & Innovation Coach, The Dennis Organ Group, Western Washington University

Joint Supply Cost Models   (Room 1A)
Speaker: Andrew Parker, Data Scientist Manager, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Analytics
Speaker: Steve Stranghoener, Partnering for Success Finance Lead, Boeing
In today’s competitive airplane market, Boeing is motivated to reduce costs to become increasingly more competitive. A majority of the cost of building a Boeing airplane is sourced from external suppliers. Consequently, true cost


Tech Session Speakers Include:

Heather BartlettHeather Bartlett - Principal Engineer / SLR International

Heather Bartlett is a Principal Engineer with SLR International Corporation located in West Linn, Oregon. She leads an environmental compliance team specializing in permitting, compliance, auditing, and due diligence support for industrial clients. Heather’s experience encompasses over 25 years working with industry as an employee at both the facility and corporate levels and as a consultant. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Resources Engineering from Humboldt State University.



Dave DittrichDave Dittrich - Cyber Security Researcher / Center for Data Science at UW Tacoma

Dave Dittrich has been investigating, studying, and countering computer crimes since the mid-1990s. He was the first to describe technical details of DDoS attack tools in 1999, was an early researcher into botnets, and one of the first to study P2P for botnet command and control.

This lead him to research the ethical and legal bounds within which "white hat" researchers can justifiably act to respond to "black hat" hackers and criminals. He has written extensively on ethics and the "Active Response Continuum," served for 6 years on one of the UW's Institutional Review Boards evaluating human subjects research, and with Erin Kenneally co-edited the "The Menlo Report: Ethical Principles Guiding Information and Communication Technology Research" and "Applying Ethical Principles to Information and Communication Technology Research: A Companion to the Department of Homeland Security Menlo Report."

Michael MylreaMichael Mylrea - Manager for Cyber Security and Energy Infrastructure /  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Michael Mylrea is Manager for Cyber Security & Energy Infrastructure at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He has over a decade of experience working on energy, cyber security and technology issues for industry and government. His appointments include: U.S. Department of Energy, Cyber Innovation development (CISO), Deloitte (Manager for Energy and Natural Resources), U.S Cyber Consequences Unit (Director for Energy) and Good Harbor Consulting (Senior Advisor to Richard A. Clarke.

Michael's Cyber Security and energy thought leadership has appeared in news and journal articles, television, congressional testimony and various industry and government publications. Recent and upcoming publications include a cyber energy nexus study with Sandia national Lab and Department to f Energy, a book chapter on cyber security leadership and an article on securing smart cities from emerging cyber threats. Michael received his MA from Tufts University and completed graduate course work at Harvard Law School and Kennedy School of Government. He received two BA’s from University of Wisconsin-Madison and was a Fulbright Scholar.

Denny Organ - CEO, Innovation Educator & Innovation Coach / The Dennis Organ Group, Western Washington University

Denny Organ is an early retired ex-Starbucks senior supply chain leader. He has a consulting practice focused on teaching corporate clients and organizations the tools/skills/systems for innovation. He teaches a series of college courses grounded in the knowledge that innovation is a learned skill accessible to anyone. Mr. Organ volunteers a great deal of time to coach/mentor/advise the Western Washington University students in the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, and Entrepreneurship/Innovation Programs.

He believes that by teaching innovation skills, tools and systems to teams in any business or organization, positive transformational change will follow. Innovation as a core competency will drive success and growth, will foster team and individual development, and can be a foundational step in creating positive cultural change.

Parker Andrew J 1790126 orgAndrew Parker - Data Scientist Manager / Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Andrew Parker has been with The Boeing Company for eight years. Currently with BCA Analytics in Tukwila, Washington, he works as a Data Scientist Manager coordinating development efforts of future technologies and methods for customers. His background includes work with 787 Program Estimating and SM Finance. Andrew completed his Masters of Applied Statistics from Colorado State University and completed a BS in Mathematics and in Economics from the University of Puget Sound.



Adam RobertsAndrew Roberts - Cyber Security Researcher / Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Adam Roberts is a Cyber Security Researcher at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) who returned to the lab in 2009 to join the Cyber Security Group. His primary focus areas involve finding new methodologies to detect advanced cyber-attacks, finding new ways to secure clouds, and designing managed attribution technology for browsing the internet. He has also served as the subject matter expert for technical assessments of computer systems, networks, and devices from government sponsors. He is also in charge of a Cyber Security Test Range which can simulate real world networks at a large scale with minimal resources. The real world networks involve business systems and industrial control systems. This range capability has been used in multiple research projects for testing, technical assessments, and for creation of new cyber-security detection technology. He is also well versed in physical security systems which include RFID, smart card, and NFC-enabled technology.

Adam currently holds a Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification which is known as a leading international certification which tests the knowledge against a core set of relevant information security topics. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Systems from City University in Bellevue, WA. He also served as an IT Manager for Whitman County which provided him with hands on operational experience of protecting government infrastructure and finding new methods for securing government systems.

Stranghoener Steve 01Steve Stranghoener - Finance Lead / Boeing Enterprise

Steve Stranghoener is currently the Partnering for Success Finance Lead for the Boeing Enterprise. Throughout Steve’s 11 year career with Boeing he has held a myriad of financial analyst positions for the procurement function, most recently focused on affordability. Prior to Steve’s career at Boeing he was a Finance Manager for First Tennessee Bank. Steve holds an MBA from Lindenwood University and BSBA in Finance from the University of Missouri.



Paul Van MetrePaul Van Metre - Co-Founder and VP of Sales and Marketing /  Adion Systems

Paul Van Metre has been in the manufacturing industry for 20 years, first co-founding Pro CNC directly out of college with 5 college buddies including Kelsey. Paul helped lead the company to great success, serving aerospace and commercial clients around the world with world class machining, assembly and design services. Pro CNC was successfully acquired by Trulife Inc. in 2014. Paul is now co-founder and VP of Sales and Marketing for Adion Systems, Adion develops web based ERP, MES and QMS software for the aerospace industry.

Paul is a graduate of Western Washington University and the Vehicle Research Institute. Having learned machining, project management, design engineering and world class sleep deprivation skills while building vehicles at the VRI for up to 120 hours a week at times, Paul and his partners decided that working for other companies would offer far too much opportunity for sleep. With money from a second mortgage from a partner, Pro CNC was born directly out of college and proved to be a great training ground for how to grow a company focused on customer service, continuous improvement and world class quality. Paul is also a Design For Manufacturing expert and has lectured and taught worldwide.


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