Connecting Aerospace Interests

Kaney photo

Kaney Aerospace is a veteran-owned global leader in laboratory architecture and operation, large-scale system integration test, test equipment design and manufacture, aircraft system integration/certification, FAA-licensed repair, and engineering services.

The "special ops" of aerospace lab test, Kaney is a nimble team comprised of top leadership and engineering talent from airframers and Tier 1s.  They are passionate about delivering high value results at incredible velocity.

With its strong lab test and airplane program development and cert background, Kaney is able to uncover ways to meet affordability challenges while maintaining high quality.  As OEMs are increasingly looking for cost competiveness on parts, the company has helped both suppliers and OEMs find opportunities to reduce their development costs and increase their profitability and competitiveness. The growing commercial space cluster here makes this a particularly exciting time to be a part of the Pacific NW aerospace community. Kaney Aerospace is uniquely poised to be able to bring a streamlined approach to the commercial space industry to enable reproducibility of design, build, and performance results while facilitating innovation and rapid development.

Kaney Aerospace’s core competencies include:

  • Project & Program Management: Ensuring quality, value, rapid response on the most challenging aerospace projects
  • Systems Engineering:Ensuring efficient and effective development test program plans, with no gaps, overlap, or overkill
  • Test System Design & Build: V&V, Qual, ATP, and ground support test systems
  • Design & Analysis: New and reverse engineering of ECS/Air Management Systems, Electrical Systems, Flight Controls Systems, Mechanical Systems, Valves & Actuators

The Kaney Group also includes:

  • Kaney Aerospace Repair Station (KARS): FAA Part 145 Repair Station. KARS performs overhauls and repairs for military and commercial components, including air management valves, actuators, & sensors, and special processes for military applications
  • Ardekin Precision (AP): ISO9001-AS9100 Rev C certified manufacture, assembly, inspection, and project management of outside services for precision aerospace components.

As Kaney Aerospace continues to grow its presence in the Pacific NW, PNAA has connected it with the aerospace community here and beyond. "We've found that PNAA fosters collaboration among the aerospace community, to connect us all in meeting the challenges of the aerospace industry. The annual PNAA conference has been extremely valuable to our growth here."

Kaney Aerospace has been a Corporate Member since 2013