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McGladrey Monitor offers best practices of thriving and growing companies
McGladrey has launched the Winter 2011-12 edition of its Manufacturing & Distribution Monitor, which tracks key industry benchmarks and salient business issues of concern to industry executives. For an investment totaling less than five minutes of time, respondents receive:
•    Access to a customized, real-time dashboard where you can review and compare your responses in multiple ways against the aggregated answers of your industry peers across the country.
•         Continuous tracking of key quarterly benchmarks that accrue with each survey you take and a multifaceted display of data focusing on quarterly strategic management issues of topical importance to your business.
•         Periodical reports featuring in-depth analysis of the quarterly aggregated findings.  
This quarter’s survey completes a full year of analysis of the state of the industry. The report will include insights contributed by specialists and industry professionals as well as a comprehensive look at best practices gathered from the industry’s thriving and growing companies throughout the year.

If you are new to the survey, you may participate by clicking here! We look forward to your participation.
If you participated in the Fall 2011 survey, you will receive an invitation directly from McGladrey that will update your benchmark data automatically once you have completed the questionnaire. Be sure to bookmark your dashboard so you can refer to it at a later date. We appreciate your participation and encourage your continued involvement.
Responses received by January 25, 2012 will be included in the Monitor’s fall quarterly analysis.  Participants who submit their completed survey by this date will automatically be entered to win an iPAD2.
Note that your individual and company information are kept confidential. McGladrey will only share identifiable data internally and with vendors assisting in the creation of the study. Responses will be reported out to third parties only in the aggregate through McGladrey reports.
Join the more than 1,500 industry executives who participated in the Monitor in 2011. View the survey quarterly results in our Fall 2011 report and discover the insights and best practices provided by this valuable intelligence resource.
If you have questions, concerns or need assistance with the survey, please e-mail the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 866.752.0217.


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