Connecting Aerospace Interests

2015 Scholarship Recipients


Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance awarded over $30,000 in scholarships to 23 northwest students pursuing aerospace educations during its 14th Annual Aerospace Conference in Lynnwood on February 10-12. The scholarships are part of PNAA’s ongoing commitment to educating the next generation of aerospace workers. PNAA and 14 industry businesses contributed to the Scholarship Program.

Scholarship Sponsors included:

Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC), ASKO Processing, Aviation Partners, Boeing, Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Materials Manufacturing, Esterline, IAM 751, Inceptra, LMI Aerospace, Locus Analytics, Moss Adams, Orion Aerospace, SPEEA, ThyssenKrupp, Umbra Cuscinetti.

Scholarship Recipients included:

Alexander M. Vollmer (Edmonds Community College), Artem Oseledko (Everett Community College),Ben M. McCalister (Edmonds Community College), Bryan Jan (Green River College), Cedric Ebrottie (South Seattle College), Hannah E. Koehling-Peck (Edmonds Community College), Jianan Fan (South Seattle College), Jiaxin Li (Clover Park), Jonathon Farrell (Washington State University), Kalanikuikahi Akana ( Green River College), Kevin James Kemp (North Idaho College), Khaleel Qureshi (Edmonds Community College), Mark Mallory (Everett Community College), Nathan Anderson (Clover Park), Nather Kassem (Renton Technical College), Nhat Khanh Tran (Everett Community College), Patrick Bakwa (Spokane Falls), R. Mitchell Hubbard (UW), Shannon Feist (Clover Park), Simranjit Singh (Renton Technical College), Tarus Shevchik (Renton Technical College), Tu Nguyen (Green River Communty College), Vinson McCready (University of Washington), William Jacobsen (Everett Communty College).


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