THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST AEROSPACE CLUSTER PACIFIC NORTHWEST AEROSPACE ALLIANCE | PNAA serves the aerospace manufacturing cluster located in the Northwest United States and Western Canada. With members and affiliates from around the world, PNAA promotes the growth and success of the aerospace industry, strengthening the region’s manufacturing supply chain. THE CLUSTER The Pacific Northwest is home to one of the most robust and dynamic aerospace clusters in the world. For over 100 years, our aerospace industry has centered around Boeing. Today, with more than 80,000 Boeing employees and thousands more from aerospace companies around the region, the Pacific Northwest is at the forefront of industry innovation and technology. This enables Washington factories to turn out 1,400 aircraft and unmanned aerial systems annually -- leading the world in aircraft production. The Northwest Aerospace Cluster serves more than Boeing and extends beyond commercial jets. Our unique cluster consists of well over 1,400 aerospace suppliers and an integrated delivery system that ensures efficient product delivery using just-in-time and lean manufacturing processes. It is comprised of companies, big and small, that serve every segment of aerospace – from commercial and military jets to unmanned systems, satellites and rockets. With the evolution of composites, advancements in engines and new technology, the cluster’s future is brighter than ever. The next 25 years will be limited only by the imagination of our cluster’s talented and experienced workforce. CANADA VANCOUVER SALEM TILLAMOOK WARM SPRINGS UAS BEND PENDELTON PORT ANGELES BELLINGHAM ARLINGTON TRI-CITIES INSITU BUTTE BOZEMAN SAND POINT TACOMA ASTORIA KITSAP VICTORIA VANCOUVER ABBOTSFORD READ ON TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST CLUSTER FROM SOME OF PNAA’S REGIONAL PARTNERS: » » Economic Alliance Snohomish County, pg 16 » » Center of Excellence, pg 18 » » Paine Field, pg 42 » » Everett Community College, pg 44 » » Washington State, pg 46 13