PACIFIC NORTHWEST AEROSPACE ALLIANCE | The Port of Everett, already a significant part of the supply chain for large assemblies, will invest over $60 million by the end of 2019 to enhance cargo handling capabilities. WORKFORCE INVESTMENTS Present and future workforce availability is a pronounced need within aerospace. Creating supply begins at K-12 with messaging about career opportunities. The Snohomish County STEM Network promotes education in the STEM disciplines and is the connection between educators and industry. The Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Council began 2019 with 44 employers and 92 active apprentices in our region; growth over 2018 of 38% and 74% respectively. They are training machinists, industrial manufacturing technicians and associated positions. Higher education is making investments to increase their aerospace worker output. As part of a statewide $338 million budget, Edmonds Community College broke ground in 2018 on a $47 million, 70,000 SF STEM education building. The Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center, an Edmonds CC program, has produced over 150 graduates and trained 650 aerospace incumbent workers over the past year. Everett Community College houses the Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing and has taken an active position placing their mechatronics students in paid internships prior to graduation. Governor Inslee’s NMA Council has made a recommendation to the 2019 State Legislature for $35 million in operating funds for the community college system. This will produce 2,500 additional FTEs statewide in high-demand programs by the end of 2021, emphasizing aerospace and advanced manufacturing. The University of Washington (UW) College of Engineering is investing $5 million to design an 85,000 SF interdisciplinary teaching and research facility for the Seattle campus. The UW Bothell campus is in the design phase for its’ second STEM academic building, a $70 million collaboration with Cascadia Community College. Washington State University has a new 100,000 SF STEM-focused campus in Everett with mechanical, electrical and software engineering degrees. REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS While lean approaches to operations can reduce facility footprints, new work statements and process/technology changes will generate a need for more or different space. Near Boeing Everett, Paine Field Airport is marketing 100 acres in an Opportunity Zone (a Federal tax deferral/exemption program) with taxiway /runway access. Two private developments are underway that represent an additional 100 acres of industrial land. New jobs at these private sites qualify for tax credits with the City of Everett. Thirty minutes north of Boeing is the Arlington Marysville Manufacturing Industrial Center with 1,000 acres of industrial land for development/redevelopment. New manufacturing buildings are exempt from property taxes for ten years. AMMIC is also an Opportunity Zone. AMMIC includes the Arlington Municipal Airport, which has properties as well as a 5,000’ runway for corporate jets. QUALITY OF PLACE INVESTMENTS Seattle/King County is a high-cost residential community. Lower-cost options exist in Snohomish County. Using a county-wide median, 2018 house prices were $430,800 in Snohomish County compared to $582,000 in King County. On a rental basis, median rents were $1,970 compared to $2,148 in King County. Owner-occupied ratios also favor Snohomish County; 67% vs. 57%. The Port of Everett is creating amenities to attract urban dwellers. At full build-out, their Waterfront Place development represents $85 million in public investment and $550 million in private. It will offer 660 multi-family residences, restaurants, a boutique hotel and 400,000 SF of commercial/office space; all in a marina setting. INNOVATION INVESTMENTS Innovation is a look ahead at what could be. Oceangate is exploring “underspace” from Everett with a composite/ titanium submersible capable of diving to 4000 meters below sea-level. Zunum Aerospace is developing a hybrid-to-electric aircraft with an operating cost structure that brings commercial service to new communities. The statewide Center of Excellence for Unmanned Aerial Systems is headquartered in Everett. What’s NExT will address new technologies, markets, skillsets, companies and more. Snohomish County will engage at all levels to remain the Aerospace Capital of North America. 17