Cable/Harness Assembly Laser Marking Bond/Seal/Adhesive Finish Line Conventional Machining CNC Machining CNC Milling CNC Turning Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Mechanical Assembly ISO 9001 & AS9100 certified ITAR registered CAGE Code: 6X195 DUNS # 044591196 CATIA Orion Industries, Auburn 1590 A Street Northeast Auburn, WA 98002 Phone: 253.661.7805 Orion Industries, Mukilteo 13008 Beverly Park Rd Mukilteo, WA 98275 Phone: 425.355.1253 Fax: 425.355.1261 Orion Industries is an AS9100 certified award winning aerospace manufacturing company that also has a social mission. Orion uses its manufacturing division as a platform to teach people that have barriers to employment job skills through training, mentoring, and internships. We then help place these individuals into jobs in the community. PACIFIC NORTHWEST AEROSPACE ALLIANCE | What’s going on now: Jason Boatwright, Project Director, TechHire MechaWA Grant, has been working to involve more community and technical colleges into Mechatronics program and apprenticeships. “The primary goal was to get companies involved and to recognize the importance of bringing on people with training. There is value of having people skill-up at their community and technical college as opposed to on- the-job-training.” 5. MOVEMENT: HELP FACILITATE MOVEMENT BETWEEN INDUSTRIES Investing in employees can be a risky venture, especially when they may be lured away by a competitor. This initiative will study the movement of workers in the industry and how- to set-up portable skills and credentials while enhancing industry-valued degrees and credentials. What’s going on now: Ryan Davis, president of Corporation for a Skilled Workforce said, “Aerospace is becoming intertwined with other sectors like information technology, clean energy, and artificial intelligence. In the past, companies only hired based on sector experience, but the needs for workers with interdisciplinary skills drives the new economy. At CSW we believe that competency is the new currency. We are developing frameworks to collect and learn which competencies are shared across sectors.” 6. GROW SKILLS: GROW SKILLS IN THE CURRENT WORKFORCE This initiative points to valuing the employees that you already have by enhancing on-the-job training and helping to advance employee career development. What’s going on now: Matt Washburn, training manager, Senior Aerospace AMT develops continual training for new and experienced employees. He said, “Finding ways to incorporate technology into training events is huge for the millennial group.” The Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing, alongside many industry partners and educational professionals are working intensively on workforce development in Washington for the future of the NMA. Ì Ì READ THE REPORT HERE: 19