B2B MEETINGS 18TH ANNUAL AEROSPACE CONFERENCE | SOARING TO SUCCESS THE B2B IS HELD ON THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14, FROM 1:15-4:35 P.M. IN ROOM 1 E/F (LOWER FLOOR). IT OFFERS FORMAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR SUPPLIERS TO MEET WITH REPRESENTATIVES OF OEM AND THE LARGER TIER I/II SUPPLIERS TO EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITY OF A FUTURE BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP. » » DIVERSIFY YOUR MARKET » » SHOWCASE YOUR COMPANY ONE-ON-ONE WITH REPRESENTATIVES FROM DIVERSE COMPANIES » » LEARN THE REQUIREMENTS FOR DOING BUSINESS WITH A NUMBER OF POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS WHAT TO EXPECT: Registrants and representatives of OEMs will meet individually in 10-minute increments. You will have the opportunity to discuss your products and services and get an understanding of the requirements to enter the representatives’ supply chains and/or explore options for future business relationships. Bring your business cards, portfolios, and any information that might be helpful in describing your company. APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING: Prior to the conference, registrants have had the opportunity to request appointments with participating companies. Once appointments are finalized (either Tuesday or Wednesday), they will be posted to our event application, PNAA Connect. A printed appointment sheet will also be posted inside 1D (Multi-Purpose Room) during the Conference. Here, you can check your pre-arranged appointments and make new ones as space and time allow. » » If you registered in advance, you should expect to have at least 2-3 pre-assigned appointments » » If you did not register in advance, you may still have time to sign up for open appointment slots » » A catalog of participating B2B Companies is available within the PNAA Connect app and on our conference web page. A printed copy is also available at the registration desk. B2B REPRESENTATIVES INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: SPONSORED BY 20