PACIFIC NORTHWEST AEROSPACE ALLIANCE | Personal AerialVehicles TakingAerospacetotheNExTLevel Space Exploration Unmanned Autonomous Flight Sonic & Hypersonic Aircraft Electric & Hybrid Electric Propulsion PNAAhas had the distinct pleasure of bringing the aerospace manufacturing base together through networking events, symposiums, conferences and other activi- ties for over 20 years. For most of those years, PNAA has focused on the traditional commercial and defense aerospace sectors. Recently, we have seen new aerospace seg- ments emerge, mostly in the form of con- ceptual areas like personal aerial vehicles (flying cars), autonomous flight, and the rebirth of supersonic passenger aircrafts. Some of these segments have become reality, such as Unmanned Aerial Systems and Vehicles (UAS/AUV), New Space, and unmanned aircraft in defense. Others are becoming reality right before our eyes, such as electric propulsion. One thing is for sure, aerospace is changing like we have not seen in many years. PNAA has been watching this over the past few years and reflecting the desire that our members have to diversify their customer base. As a result, PNAA developed a new program called NExT, or New and Expanding Technolo- gies. NExT was created to extend the network- ing, industry knowledge sharing, market intelligence and benefits that PNAA has provided to the tra- ditional aerospace manufacturing base to these new upcoming segments that sit on the fringes of traditional aerospace. This could not happen at a better time, as many of these companies are edging toward maturity and are looking to partner with small and medium enterprise companies who can support their unique aerospace manufacturing needs. NExT was officially launched last October, with our launch event being held Decem- ber 7, 2018, sponsored by the Center of Excellence for UAS and in partnership with SPARC, the Space Policy and Research Center at the University of Washington. The event sold out with more than eighty attendees, including NExT segment com- panies like magniX, Tethers Unlimited, Ver- deGo Aero, the University of Washington, State of Washington, the U.S. Army, and experts in legal issues and frameworks that will be raised with the next wave of space exploration. There were many great panel discussions around the skills NExT seg- ment companies are looking for in future employees, knowledge sharing on what the universities need to support these, and the timelines of when NExT companies will be transitioning to production manufacturing. Perhaps the biggest takeaway was shared by Roei Ganzarski of magniX, when he explained that although many NExT com- panies are experts in their forward-thinking technologies, the best thing that the SMEs can do is partner with them and provide their manufacturing knowledge and exper- tise. Companies like magniX and VerdeGo Aero shared that while they have great ex- pertise in game-changing technologies and design, learning about design for manufac- turability, advance material production, and scale production will help their companies prepare for their manufacturing growth. NExT companies are looking for SMEs interested in taking what may be perceived as a risk in the short term for what can be- come a vibrant long-term relationship with production demands that could become astronomical in the future. True to PNAA’s mission of connecting people, after the panel presentations, an hour of hors d’oeuvres and net- working filled an adjacent hall and spilled into the hall- way for an additional two hours. This was the first time members and guests connected and enjoyed conversation about NExT segments. So what’s NExT? PNAA will deliver informative symposiums similar to the one we had in December once per quarter and at our conferences, with addi- tional NExT events planned for the future. This is your opportunity to meet leaders from NExT segment companies in the Northwest and beyond, building relation- ships with these companies who need the services you provide, either now or in the future. These NExT segments, like New Space, UAS/UAV, supersonic and hyper- sonic, personal aerial vehicles and electric/ hybrid-electric propulsion may represent a smaller portion of the overall aerospace industry now, but will grow significantly in the near future and will fuel the NExT Era in Aerospace. Come be a part of the future of aerospace manufacturing in the Northwest with PNAA NExT! 21