PACIFIC NORTHWEST AEROSPACE ALLIANCE | There are almost a dozen education, non-profit and science- related institutions dedicated to space exploration, and more than two dozen companies that are NASA suppliers, including Janicki Industries and Systima Techologies. Unmanned Systems – U.S. industry three year projections - 70,000 jobs and an economic impact of $13.6B Washington is at the leading edge of unmanned aircraft systems. The synergy around drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles has fostered the formation of the Unmanned Systems Industry Council (USIC). Not only are unmanned vehicle companies growing here, but the technology companies that capture and process the information are flourishing. Statewide, companies are playing lead roles in the industry – thanks to Amazon’s efforts to develop a drone-based delivery system, and to Insitu, a Boeing subsidiary that provides fixed- wing drones for the U.S. military. Other parties include Applewhite Aero for intermediate- scale UAS engineering, Freefly Systems, which is building high-end drones as well as image stabilization hardware for cinematography, and researchers at the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Laboratory who are working on autonomous underwater vehicles. Aerospace manufacturing is changing rapidly, with technology as a major driver. Walk through any facility today and you will see these technologies in action. Whether they include robots or cobots (collaborative robots working directly with employees), artificial intelligence, automated, virtual, mixed and other realities, it’s a new generation of manufacturing now termed Industry 4.0. These manufacturing jobs require a skilled and educated workforce, translating into jobs with well-above average salaries. Our team at Commerce is working diligently every day to ensure that we remain in this primary position by focusing on investments in workforce training and education, business climate initiatives and infrastructure plans to take the state well into the second century of aircraft production, and to enable and support the next generation of space and unmanned systems. Paraphrasing Buzz Lightyear’s famous catchphrase from the Toy Story films, “To Ultima Thule and Beyond!” Executive Search YouWant Top tier executives and management talent for your company’s future You Need Comprehensive, no-nonsense, custom tailored executive search services Contact Larry Sowa, Principal - Executive Search 1-206-406-6224 / Enikon Aerospace is the largest company in the world that is engaged in the finishing and painting of interior parts for commercial and business aircraft. 4 Facilities, Over 500 Employees, Delivering more than 1,500 parts per day ace USA 47