Climbing higher. Together. In the aerospace industry, the name of Diehl is synonymous with the highest of competencies, excellent products, absolute integrity, and German engineering. Or, as we put it, we have kerosene in our blood and flying in our DNA. In short, we are flying. This is precisely what we are saying from this point on with our new, definitive name: Diehl Aviation. Proud to support the PNAA Annual Aerospace Conference 2019 WE ARE AMBASSADORS OF AVIATION. Diehl-Ad-PNAA-2019.indd 1 1/23/2019 2:19:27 PM CONFERENCE AGENDA(CONTINUED) 12:00  Networking Lunch  Lunch Sponsors:  Re‐energize with a delicious buffet lunch and take time to make a few more new acquaintances in the  final hours of the conference.  Find out more about opportunities to continue networking among our  community and keep up to speed with the latest market intelligence at PNAA’s registration desk.  12:30  Lunch Keynote: Boeing HorizonX ‐ Building a Bridge to the Next Generation of Aerospace   Beckett Jackson, Investing Director, Boeing HorizonX  1:00  Closing Remarks  Brian Canfield, CEO/Executive Director, Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance  1:05  Plenary Sessions Completed – Proceed to B2B  1:15‐  4:35  B2B Meetings  B2B Sponsor:  Meet representatives of regional, national and international aerospace companies at our B2B  fair.  Make new connections to grow your business at PNAA’s scheduled meetings.  Be sure to  register in advance and prepare your short pitch to showcase your products and services.  Advance appointments required  4:35  B2B Close  4:35  END OF CONFERENCE ‐ THANK YOU! PACIFIC NORTHWEST AEROSPACE ALLIANCE | 53