LETTER FROM GOVERNOR JAY INSLEE Greetings from the Governor February 11-14, 2019 Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance’s (PNAA) 18th Annual Aerospace Conference, Soaring to Success. Our aerospace industry has grown from one man’s dream of flight into a sector employing 136,000 of the most talented and productive workers in the world – who manufacture nearly 90 percent of all commercial aircraft in the United States. The latest Aerospace Economic Impact Study shows that you employed a record 44,630 men and women in 2017, generating an estimated $11.4 million in gross business revenue. We have a supply chain that is unsurpassed in the world, and I congratulate you! Today, Washington’s aerospace industry is leading the next century of innovation. More closely aligned with our region’s technology industry than ever before, engineers, software developers, and visionary leaders are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT to advance the future of commercial and military aviation and space. We are increasing fuel efficiency, pushing the limits of precision manufacturing, improving safety, and redefining the in-flight experience for all of the world’s major airlines. The strength of our aerospace industry was validated in two separate, independent studies this past year: the Teal Report ranked Washington the undisputed best and most competitive location for aerospace design and manufacturing, and PricewaterhouseCoopers ranked us #1 in their annual report on global aerospace manufacturing attractiveness. We also know we cannot rest on our laurels, and that we have work to do to maintain and grow our competitive edge. One of the most important investments we must make is in our 21st Century workforce. For continued growth and success, aerospace employers need a ready pipeline of the best educated, best trained talent in the world. Aerospace workers must be equipped with the advanced knowledge and skills needed to meet the changing demands of an industry that thrives on precision and innovation. My Choose Washington New Mid-Market Airplane Council recently identified new and incumbent workforce training in a set of key strategies for keeping Washington the best place in the world to design, manufacture, and assemble a new aircraft. I have proposed significant investments in my current budget, including $110 million in career connected learning. Career Connect Washington expands opportunities for youth and adults in aerospace, advanced manufacturing, and other high-demand industries. New grant programs would support training, apprenticeships, and equipment modernization. Every community and every Washingtonian has a stake in aerospace. Working together, through organizations like PNAA, we can all look forward to the next century of aerospace leadership in the Pacific Northwest. I am certain that the information you will receive and the contacts you make in the coming days will help us to continue meeting the world’s aerospace challenges and goals. Enjoy the conference! Very truly yours, Jay Inslee Governor 18TH ANNUAL AEROSPACE CONFERENCE | SOARING TO SUCCESS 6