SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR GUIDE(CONTINUED) 18TH ANNUAL AEROSPACE CONFERENCE | SOARING TO SUCCESS ProShop ERP Paul Van Metre, Founder & VP Sales 1037 W Broadway, Suite 104, Vancouver, BC V6H1E3 Canada 360.515.7576 / paul@adionsystems.com Ì Ì www.adionsystems.com ProShop is the premier ERP system for the aerospace manufacturing industry. Incorporating not just ERP functionality, but MES and a full AS9100 QMS system into a paperless and web based suite of tools, ProShop allows you to manage every detail of your company in one seamless digital ecosystem. ProShop customers realize significant gains in productivity, efficiency and quality when compared to legacy accounting-based ERP systems. Qualitel Corporation Paul Weyn, Director of Business Development 11831 Beverly Park Road, Building A, Everett, WA 98204 253.548.4446 / paul.weyn@qualitel.com Ì Ì www.qualitel.com Qualitel Corporation is a high-reliability electronics contract manufacturer specializing in aerospace, medical device, and industrial markets. We provide full turnkey assembly services including PCBA; Box-build; Test; Parylene and Conformal coat; and prototype development through our quick-turn division Qualitel Express. Raytheon EAGLE David Jacques, Principal Support Engineer 9030 South Rita Road, Tucson, AZ 85747 520.247.4817 / djacques@raytheon.com Ì Ì www.raytheoneagle.com The Raytheon EAGLE Publishing System is an application for the production and management of data used to produce Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) to the ASD S1000D and ATA 1000BR specifications. It is a complete authoring and Common Source Database with an integrated XML editor and publishing engine. Visit our booth to learn more. RCO Engineering Russell Riccolo, Account Executive 29200 Calahan Road, Roseville, MI 48066 586.943.7394 / russell.piccolo@rcoeng.com Ì Ì www.rcoeng.com For the past 45 years RCO Engineering has brought our customer's ideas to market from concept through production. We design, build, test, and produce components with expertise, speed, and proven quality. Traditionally known as an automotive supplier, we’ve leveraged our years of expertise and extensive vertical integration to become a global leader in aerospace engineering and manufacturing. This breadth of experience gives us the ability to work through all phases of the product lifecycle. Family-owned and led, we are a trusted partner for the world’s leading automotive, aerospace and defense industry brands. ThankYou Embassy Suites for allowing PNAA to use your board room 82