SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR GUIDE(CONTINUED) PACIFIC NORTHWEST AEROSPACE ALLIANCE | www.pnaa.net Thailand Board of Investment Ms. Sudakorn Devakula, Director 611 North Larchmont Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90036 323.960.1199 / boila@boi.go.th Ì Ì www.boi.go.th The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) is Thailand’s investment promotion agency, responsible for promoting opportunities in the Thai aerospace sector. We are pleased to sponsor PNAA’s Wed. Feb. 13th Conference Lunch and invite you to connect with us before, during or after the Conference to explore business opportunities in Thailand. There is massive economic promise in the Asia-Pacific region with a 20-year annual growth rate of 4.9%. In 2034, the region will account for 42% of global passenger traffic. With its strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a major player in the region’s multi-billion-dollar aircraft manufacturing and maintenance industries, and possesses the advanced 21st century infrastructure needed to handle the increasing demands of the region's aerospace sector. We look forward to addressing your questions. Tool Gauge Jim Lee, General Manager 4315 S Adams Street, Tacoma, WA 98409 253.473.2740 / jlee@toolgauge.net Ì Ì https://toolgauge.net Founded in 1966 and headquartered in Tacoma, Wash., Tool Gauge manufactures complex, high-value plastic and metal assemblies. Global aerospace OEMs trust us for our high product quality, on-time delivery, and continuous technology innovation. UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) Beth Vaccarezza, Vice Consul - Aerospace 2029 Century Park East #1350, Los Angeles, CA 90067 310.843.2968 / beth.vaccarezza@mobile.trade.gov.uk Ì Ì https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for- international-trade The UK's Department for International Trade (DIT) has overall responsibility for promoting UK trade across the world and attracting foreign investment to our shores. DIT works to promote UK exports of goods and services; deliver the best international trading framework for the UK outside the EU; and maximise opportunities for wealth creation through supporting Foreign Direct Investment, with a renewed focus on overseas direct investment. Umbra Group Justus Breese, Director, Military Programs 6707 Hardeson Road, Everett, WA 98203 39 0742 3481 / jbreese@us.umbragroup.com Ì Ì www.umbragroup.com/ UMBRAGROUP is a cutting-edge manufacturing company in the aeronautics and industrial sectors. It is the world leader in the production of recirculating ballscrews in the aeronautics sector. 87