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2018 Women in Aerospace Testimonials

"The event was amazing! I am older in my career and I kept thinking how much more beneficial this would have been to me about 25 years ago. I also came back to my work group and told the gals how great it was and that they should all attend the next one (they are all younger than me)."

Deanna Leingang, Product & Services Marketing
Boeing Commercial Airplanes

 "I just returned from attending the PNAA Women in Aerospace conference.

I have been blessed to work with some significant mentors and brilliant engineers in my career so nothing to complain about…..but WOW. I wish I experienced something like I did today 20 years ago! I think it would have really helped me along my career path to see that many of us have interesting challenges that can and will be overcome.

I am a senior engineer at Korry Electronics in Everett and I was insistent about dragging several younger spunkier female engineers along today. I am so glad that I did! I am confident that they each took away from today’s experience something valuable and unique for their own careers.

Thank you for the hard work and effort to coordinate something like this."

Puanani Santiago, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Esterline Corporation - Korry Electronics

"Thank you for inviting me to this amazing event! I was very honored to speak and felt all of you made it a great experience. The day was so inspiring and I learned so much from my women peers.

I can' wait for next year! Keep up the great work!"

Jaime K. Mack, P.E. / Chief Technical Officer
Zepher Inc.

"Fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed the conference yesterday. I was very impressed.
We chartered a Toastmasters club at Chinook last year. Tamie, my companion yesterday, is a new Toastmaster. She saw the conference in a new light. It was wonderful.

I hope you will continue to host this conference in the future. It was quite powerful hearing everyone’s stories and perspectives."

Rebecca Murray, Marketing & Public Relations
Chinook Enterprises

2017 Women in Aerospace Testimonials

 "Your event was, hands down, the most encouraging, inspiring and educational event I have ever attended."  

Becky Mares, Aero Law Group

"I just have to tell you that I think you hit it out of the ballpark with this year's Women in Aerospace! What an amazing event; everything was perfect from all of your presenters, to the end of the day interactive activity, to the location. Thoroughly impressed..."  

Sue Bradshaw, Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing

"Everyone on the GMN Team who attended the event had rave reviews today. Feedback included how great and enjoyable the speakers were, the amazing lunch, and overall feeling of collaboration at the conference. I’m so glad they were able to attend – thank you all for putting on such a great and empowering event!"  

Paul Michaels,GMN Aerospace

"On a personal note, as I stood in the back of the room, a visible minority in a group of 145 aerospace women, I tried to imagine what it must be like for women in aerospace to be surrounded by a sea of middle-aged men in dark suits at similar events. It was humbling and I can see how it could for many women be daunting and challenging. Thanks for making me feel welcome at this event."  

Jim Sheehan, Technical Aero and PNAA Board Member


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