Webinar: April 5th - Your Aerospace Business in Changing International Markets

Webinar: April 5th - Your Aerospace Business in Changing International Markets


We will be talking about how to get ready for Farnborough. Many partners will be in attendance with other regional and international events that are coming up through the summer. Then BakerHostetler’s aerospace & international business lawyers will be discussing the changing international environment, including sanctions, supply chain and financial transactions.

Many of our friends will be in attendance, so, please join us.


Farnborough International Airshow Update, July 18-22, 2022

Amandine Crabtree, Washington Commerce  |  Farnborough Flyer

Raymond Davies, On The Road To Farnborough Aerospace and Defense Summit Webinar  

Alexa Byers, STEP Grants, Business Oregon


Navigating Foreign Investment in a Shifting Geopolitical Landscape, by BakerHostetler’s Melissa Mannino & Lana Muranovic

With the Government of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and heavy sanctions being levied against those doing business with certain entities in Russia and Belarus, it is more important than ever to be cognizant of the risks of accepting foreign investments and what that could mean for your business.  Join us for a discussion of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (“CFIUS") and how its expansive powers and jurisdiction can impact any investment by a foreign entity, foreign person, U.S. subsidiary of a foreign entity, or a U.S. fund with a foreign nexus into your company.  

CFIUS is a U.S. government interagency committee with jurisdiction to review foreign investment into a U.S. business for national security concerns.  Not only does CFIUS have jurisdiction to review foreign investment into any U.S. business, certain foreign investment into a U.S. business may be subject to CFIUS’s mandatory filing requirements and CFIUS may impose penalties against the parties for failure to make such a mandatory filing.  Further, CFIUS may compel parties to file if they choose not to voluntarily file.  CFIUS’s powers include the ability to impose conditions and restrictions on the foreign investment into the U.S. business as well as divestment or blocking of the foreign investment altogether. Our presentation will provide an overview of CFIUS, discussion of which foreign investments into U.S. businesses are subject to the mandatory filing’s rules, review of the CFIUS filing options and processes, and considerations for determining whether to make a CFIUS filing.

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