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PNAA's Aerospace Industry Excellence Awards

Each year, Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance recognizes individuals and companies that rise above their peers to take the aerospace industry to new heights. PNAA’s Industry Award Winners are visionaries that challenge the status quo and demand the best from themselves and the people around them. They are CEOs, engineers, inventors and others. They have a passion that drives them to excel and without them our industry would languish.

Our award recipients are chosen by PNAA’s Board of Directors with input from the membership. PNAA presents Industry Excellence Awards for four categories: Aerospace Executive of the Year, Company of the Year, Chairman’s Award and Inspire Award.


Company of the Year AwardPNAA's Company of the Year Award

PNAA’s Aerospace Company of the Year Award is presented to the aerospace company located in the Pacific Northwest that has exhibited exceptional organizational and managerial characteristics while continually maintaining a strong competitive posture, thus raising the industry standard for the Pacific Northwest.


Executive of Year AwardPNAA's Executive of the Year Award

PNAA’s Executive of the Year Award is presented to an executive of an aerospace company located within the Pacific Northwest who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the Pacific Norwest Aerospace Industry.


Chairwoman's AwardPNAA's Chairman's Award

PNAA’s Chairman’s Award is presented to the individual, company or organization that has in PNAA’s discretion, made the greatest contribution through innovation or growth, thus raising the industry standard of the Aerospace Industry in the Pacific Northwest.


Inspire AwardPNAA's Inspire Award

PNAA’s Inspire Award honors businesses and individuals in the aerospace community that have shown exceptional creativity in working with young people and diverse populations in an effort to promote diversity and inclusion in the aerospace industry and cultivate interest and skills leading to aerospace careers.


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