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Manage Environmental, Health and Safety Risks Associated with Mergers & Acquisitions

A variety of factors are expected to drive a strong merger and acquisition (M&A) market in 2016, including low interest rates and high reserves of cash and uninvested capital held by corporations and PE funds.  Within the aerospace industry, companies are using favorable market conditions to make strategic acquisitions to increase their customer base, expand into new geographic areas or emerging markets, and improve profitability by entering new business lines and/or acquiring new technologies.

SLR is a global environmental services firm and a proud member of PNAA since 2015.  We have participated in transactions valued at more than $500 billion in almost all industry sectors, including aerospace, automotive, and composites manufacturing.  Stakeholders in M&A transactions can include buyers, sellers, banks/lenders, PE firms, and insurance companies, each with their own risk tolerances.   SLR’s experience in the M&A sector provides a unique view of transaction dynamics and stakeholder needs.  We consider health, safety, and environmental due diligence in the transactional context, helping our clients to understand key findings and to develop deal strategies to satisfy stakeholders and manage risk.

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