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PNAA Member GMN Aerospace Announces New Aerospace Special Projects Manager Dave Klinkman

GMN Aerospace Special Projects Manager Dave KlinkmanGMN Aerospace is excited to announce the addition of Aerospace Special Projects Manager, Dave Klinkman, to its team! Dave Klinkman joins GMN Aerospace with more than 38 years of experience in the printing industry, with a focus on Aerospace exterior graphics.

In Klinkman’s previous position he worked closely in product development for exterior graphics. He first started in the industry as a racker for a local graphic company, where he racked graphics in production. From there he had many other roles including working in production, leading fabrication, serving as the production manager and then eventually the general manager.

“On behalf of the entire GMN Aerospace team and GM Nameplate, we are honor and excited to welcome Dave Klinkman to our organization,” said Vice President of GMN Aerospace, Carlo Mears. “Over the last 38 years Klinkman’s work has been of great benefit to both the aerospace and printing industries. We are looking forward to seeing how his expertise will help grow GMN Aerospace and our capabilities.”

At GMN Aerospace, Klinkman will have the opportunity to help improve our capabilities within our capabilities for aircraft interiors and exteriors. In his position as our Special Projects Manager he will serve in a product development and customer relations capacity – allowing him to utilize his technical experience and vast industry knowledge.

“One the great things about working in this industry is how it allows for constant discovery,” said Dave Klinkman. “It’s not necessarily about change or finding a solution to a problem, but discovery a new technology, or way to do something. It’s what moves the industry forward.”

Klinkman says that a lot of his knowledge is due to following trends and technology in industries outside of Aerospace – especially medical. By not limiting his focus to strictly aerospace, he has greater insight of the printing industry and how trends can benefit the needs of customers.

The entire GMN Aerospace team is excited to welcome Klinkman to our organization. His industry expertise will help move the GMN Aerospace team and capabilities forward.


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