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The Cluster

Boeing EverettThe Pacific Northwest is home to one of the most robust and dynamic aerospace clusters in the world.  For 100 years, our aerospace industry has centered round Boeing.  Today, with more than 80,000 Boeing employees and thousands more from companies around the region, the Pacific Northwest is at the forefront of aerospace innovation when it comes to cutting edge aerospace composites, avionics, and alternative fuels.

Today, the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Cluster serves more than Boeing, and it goes beyond commercial jets.  It consists of thousands of companies big and small that serve every segment of aerospace – from commercial and military jets to unmanned systems and space age rockets.  With the evolution of composites, advancements in engines and new technology, the cluster’s future is brighter than ever.  The next 25 years will be limited only by the imagination of our cluster’s talented and experienced workforce.

Aerospace in Washington State

According to the Washington State Department of Commerce, Washington aerospace companies produce approximately 1,400 aircraft annually, including nearly 700 commercial and military jets and 700 unmanned aerial vehicles.  Boeing jets pour from factories throughout the state, including every 737, 767, 747 and 777 manufactured today and the majority of 787 Dreamliners.  In 2014, Washington produced 95% of all commercial airplanes manufactured in North America.  The company’s next generation aircraft – the 737 MAX and the 777X – will also be built in Washington, solidifying the state’s role as the global leader in aerospace for decades to come.


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In 2018 Washington State Was Ranked #1 for Aerospace Manufacturing

Washington State is the most competitive state in the U.S. for aerospace manufacturing according to the 2018 Aerospace Competitive Economics Study released June 6, 2018, by renowned aerospace analysts at Teal Group and Olympic Analytics.

The study ranks 50 states and the District of Columbia on 41 metrics including costs, labor & education, taxes & incentives, industry, economy, and research & innovation. Washington outscored other states by a large margin on a weighted scoring system.

“This report verifies what we have known for a long time,” said PNAA CEO Melanie Jordan. “Washington State is the best place in the country, if not the world, for aerospace manufacturing. Our workers, aerospace manufacturers, educators and leaders make this a great place to design the world’s most incredible airplanes -- including Boeing’s much anticipated New Midsize Airplane.”

2018 Aerospace Competitive Economics Study


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